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Disclaimer: Nobody was hurt in this experiment

Nixon you are a crook!

5 Very funny American Idol auditions!

Blond kid sings -"Girl your the one for me"

William Hung sings - "She bangs, She bangs"

I am the next American Idol - Sings Madonna's "Like a virgin"

I am the next pop idol! - "Sings Eye of the Tiger"

The 5 worst auditions

Full length movies

Hellboy (DSL or Cable connection req)

Music Videos ( DSL or Cable connection REQ)

Rockwell - Somebody's watching me!

Queen / We are the champions & We will rock you!

The Love Boat Theme

Don't try this at home!

Where did the little doggie go? Poof it's gone like magic!

A very drunk man at the police dept. Very funny!

Flying GranPe race's Euro Sport "Live" "It flipped the car high into the air!"

How NOT to load a Motorbike! Kid loads Motorbike into van!

"Du" let me jump instead of swim across the pool! Ouch!!

 Pullup, Pullup!  Doesn't  this guy know that bike's don't fly?  Click to find out!

Watch this rabbit go poof! Ouch!

Boy's hair catches on fire at church


This guy jumps out of a running car for no reason!? OUCH!

Bad Horsie BAD!

This guy is having a bad day!

The Darkhole exclusive! Man gets Killed by Swat Team

Another bad day - A snowmobile accident. Caught on Tape!!

Bling-Bling and his crack pipe! Crazy!

Another Police chase gone wrong!

Rush hour traffic!

Crazy guy runs over a teenager!

Don't stand at the corner in this one!

The shortest hang glider flight of all time!

Now this is a dumb skater!

Man use's Motorbike as a battering ram, I can fly also!

Let's fight the ref at the soccer game!

Now this is a dumb driver  He installs a fast engine & nitrous. See what happens to his clutch!

Ohh the lonely pizza man, Got to give him a tip for sure!

F18 plane gone wrong. Caught on tape!

Lets knock out the ref at the Basketball game!

The computer tech!

Elephants having there lunch!

Some kids make a Dry Ice bomb. See what happens here!

Revenge of the Wildcat! Ouch!!

Don't crap in your pant's with this video!

Alluh_Akbar / Beheading of one our US citizen by tourists (WARNING not for the ill hearted!)

Banned Commercial - Grandma kicks kid like a ball!

If he wasn't a Terrorist before his beating he probably is now!

Her GTI Goes up in Flames!

Bloody skater crash!! Nice!!

I got skills I got game  This guy has a real problem!

This is a pretty cool stunt. A bunch of kids built a ramp and attach it to a car. They then approach their buddy at 40mph and he jumps the ramp and car!

This is a close up shot of a Tomahawk missile striking its target dead on. I am not sure if this is real or simply training but the amount of earth it relocates is simply amazing!

Highway suicide on local news. Caught on Tape! / Faces of death!

The man with 2 mouths!

Guy jumps out of a airplane and then set's his parachute on fire! Great stunt!

This guy is drunk and passed out. Some of his friends put Dog food in his mouth and see what happens next!

This guy takes some hot liquor called Everclear and spits it out of his mouth!  Great stunt!

This guy gets sick and see what happens next! Click here!

Mother nature at her best here folks! This weatherman is reporting in gale force winds outside!

This skater is either dumb or stupid. But a very cool stunt in this video!

Something About SEX

Kitchen sex gone VERY wrong! Ouch!

Interesting - X-Rated Sony camera commercial. Click here to find out!

Office Xp 2004!

See this women squeeze some fresh fruit  (XXX)

This gives new meaning to girls underwear!

Ooh girl your looking good today!

Hey man your drinking a Diet Coke wow  It's 11:30 AM!

Stadium sex. Caught in the act! Bet these people are not watching the game!

This dog is crazy. Or she is crazy! Dog's lunch

Now this is a real car WASH. See it here. It might surprise you!

Godaddy Super Bowl Commercial

Censored Godaddy Super Bowl Commercial 

Banned Commercial - I want to Fuck You In The Ass (Funny Danish Commercial)

Nice little clip of some hot girl stripping!

This women loves to smoke. Guess where!?

Female ejaculation to the max! Check this one out!

Here's three females ejaculating-XXX!


Odd Finnish humor

Yo ding dong man ding dong man Yo! Weird Al up to his old tricks again! "Fat" Wait for download

Now that's what I call "Baby" Powder!

Funny!! Everybody Dance NOW!

Would you like Slaw with that? How not to act in front of a waitress!

Here's a cartoon bear working out. Cute!

Watch this guy play the piano!  Piano Balls!

Your friendly webmaster Vince!

Michael Jackson He never copped a feel!

Watch the Danceman dance here!

Some dude thinks this is funny!

This dude thinks he is batman! Grab a Snickers

Now who would fight a bear over a can of fish?  This guy would! Funny

BOND James Bond!

Some kid gets short changed at a grocery store and goes off on the clerk!

A guy does some mime acting over a melodrama music clip. Cute!

These boys think they are Devo. What a cute reenactment of Devo's Whip it!

Before doing what's in this video, you have to know the location of your local Immigration Office.  You'll see why in the video!!  Funny!